Actual Development Trends in ERP Conception in Czech Enterprises 2005

Petr Sodomka

The article summarises the long-term experiences of the author gathered during annual researches on the Czech ERP market and its trends for the publisher Computer Press Media. Based on the current development trends of this ERP market, we can extrapolate the main trends of ERP conception.

ERP systems are currently considered as a given component of an enterprise´s infrastructure. Significant funds are outlaid on their operation. However, we are constantly faced by differing - even completely opposing opinions, about just about every issue which concerns them. The Center for inVestigations into Information Systems - from its very inception, and on the basis of the professional orientation of its members and partners, has worked on delimiting as precise a definition as is possible of the specialist terminology as well as on the systematic investigation of the (Czech) ERP market.



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