Utilisation of Data Mailboxes by Individuals in the Conditions of the Czech Republic

Jan Luhan, Bernard Neuwirth

Článek převzatý z konference 15th International Conference at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Buisness and Management, May 28-29, 2015 Brno, Czech Republic Perspectives of Business and Entrepreunership Development.

Information and communication technology (ICT) is becoming an integral part of other products and services, thereby increasing their added value and making processes and services provided to the population and to economic entities more effective.
In the contemporary environment of the information society, attention is focused on the development of the global information environment and the development of e-Government is its necessary part. Utilization of data boxes by individuals could help improve the quality of living in the economic, ecologic and informatics aspects.
The paper aims to analyze the utilization of data boxes by individuals in the area of Czech Republic's e-Government and to identify key factors for its development. The use of data boxes by individuals on voluntary base is relatively weak in the conditions of Czech Republic in comparison to other countries where the stimulation for the use of data boxes is more effective and not only on legal base.
The economic theory and especially e-Government theory form the bases of the paper and through analyses and synthesis and with analysis using statistics methods the current state is identified. Subsequently, based on the author’s survey, the barriers and limitations for development are formulated.
The conclusions of the analyses presented in the paper show, however, that the state of preparedness of e-Government support and the mentality of the population must be taken in to consideration to ensure continual development and improvement of global information society.
Conclusions: On this base, authors select recommendations for improvement of development of this area via strengthening the utilization of data boxes by individuals. 

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